The big news is out! FOLLOWERS Available 10.14.16

The big news is out! We shared our next album title and cover with the masses via social media on Thursday, July 7. Our upcoming project is called Followers and it will release on October 14. We know you guys are anxiously waiting for new music so we have included two instant downloads if you pre-order the album now! Get “Afraid” and “What You Want” on iTunes, or if you prefer a physical version, we’ve pulled together an array of fan-focused packages that have some pretty neat merchandise you won’t be able to get anywhere else!

So, why did we choose to call it Followers? "This album is about following Jesus wherever He calls us,” explains Mike Donehey. “Everyone says let’s follow Jesus - let’s do all these extravagant things but what we’re saying is not to follow Jesus in what we do but to follow Jesus in the WHY we do it.”

"Over the last year as we started working on this new album, it became clear that most of the themes of these songs point to where we are in our lives right now eight years after our label debut,” states Donehey. “We have settled into that maybe God isn’t as interested in the success of our career as He is about the posture of our hearts and what would it look like if we lived every day of our lives the way God commanded. One of the most repeated commands in the Bible is ‘Do not be afraid,’ and the one thing we know is that God does not want us to follow Him in fear."

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