Top 10 Music Moments of Jeff Owen's Life

10. That Thing You Do - 90’s flick set in the 50’s about a band’s rise up the charts with a one-hit wonder. It’s a feel good movie that plays through my mind quite often out here on the road.

9. “Leaning On The Everlasting Arms” – I was watching the credits of a movie a few years ago and this old hymn began playing with a haunting female vocal singing it. I was captivated and fell in love with the song in a new way. I even went as far as singing it at an event where I was asked to perform solo.

8. My First 2 Albums EVER – Boyz II Men CooleyHighHarmony.  Four young fellas singing R&B tunes, need I say more?  DC Talk Jesus Freak. First Christian record I ever bought. I couldn’t get enough.

7. 2004 Albums – There was something about the summer of ’04 that moved me musically. Keane, Rachel Yamagata, the Killers, Mutemath, and Dave Barnes. Huge.

6. Performing at Ft. Jackson – The most epic performance for the band. We had the privilege of playing for the new recruits in August of ’08. The soldiers were all on their knees in tears and embracing one another by the end of our set. Such a powerful memory.  

5. Coldplay’s DVD A Rush Of Blood To The Head – Coldplay? Nah, not really into them.  Ok, Politik through a sound system and huge projectors?  I change my mind.
4.  Making Cathedrals – Simply the best and most memorable experience making a record.  Plus, they’re our favorite songs to date.     

3. Bobby McFerrin in Concert – Just 9 people on stage singing acapella unlike anything I’ve ever heard. That night I loved music more than I ever had before.

2. My friend Jon – Somewhere in the realm of 6th or 7th grade I watched my friend Jon perform as Winthrop Paroo in The Music Man at our local auditorium. That night I wanted to be a singer, too.

1. Audrey Assad leading worship – Around the beginnings of the band we were a part of a worship night at a church in West Palm Beach. Our friend Audrey was a part of it, too.  She sang 4 or 5 songs that night. I was in the audience in the back listening. She began to sing “How Deep the Father’s Love for Us.”  I could describe my feelings, but they will only ever make sense to me. I could feel Christ at that moment and I wept. I really don’t ever cry. Seriously.