Cash Jam with Girl Cam: Episode 1

Episode 1 of the best ten ways to spend your $10 with Girl Cam.
The decision is simple, chicken biscuits or Cathedrals.

You could spend $10 on chicken biscuits OR you could spend $10 on Tenth Avenue North's brand new album Cathedrals!

The choice is yours.

What is Cash Jam with Girl Cam? 
Episodes centered around the important decisions you make with the $10 in your wallet. Each video allows for you to choose, how will you spend your $10? 

Who is Girl Cam? 
You might recognize her from Tenth's Snapchat (follow us: TenthAveN) or from Tenth shows. She's the lady that sells all the merch items that you buy after every Tenth Avenue North show. 

Over the next two weeks she will be sharing what you could spend $10 on. The choice is yours. 

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