Where Is Your Joy?

This is without question the most important sermon I’ve ever heard. I got the privilege of seeing John Piper deliver this message at Passion several years ago and it changed me forever.

I walked out of the arena that night a different person. Where is your joy? What makes you feel happy? Or what makes you feel loved the most? At the bottom of each thing that makes us happy is a foundation; God or self.
Piper examines both and breaks down what it means to have the proper perspective on joy. My favorite part is when he talks about the new birth, and what that actually means as opposed to what so many of us believe it means. Does it mean you love the same meal (money, health, being saved from hell) with just a new butler giving it to you (God instead of your own work)? Idolatry.

The worst and most danger kinds are discussed here. Including breaking down the scariest verse in the Bible—“...depart from me worker of inquiry, I never knew you." Good grief, I’m getting chills. I pray that this will allow you to question your deepest desires. I pray that it will make you think and understand what it means to replace yourself with God at the bottoms of your joy, and hopefully after you've watch and understood, you won’t be the same person you were before you pressed play.