Ruben's Favorite "Good For You" Bad For You Food Secrets

This is a list I’ve compiled over the years. Some things have been added more recently than others, but let me just say you will not regret the taste or  effects of eating any of these.  If you do, then something is seriously wrong with you and you should rethink your decision making capabilities...Joking.  

If you enjoy God’s creation of food, physical well being and health, then this read is for you. So cheat freely, people!  No one likes any guilt when they eat. Eat some of my favorites listed below and feel good about life cuz darnit, it’s fun to taste yummy things.

10. Dark Chocolate Pomegranates (or Acai)

The chocolatiest food on the good for you bad for you list is found at Costco or Target. Not an insane amount of sugar in them but go easy, 1 serving will do the trick!

9. Quest Bars

God’s gift to humans!
Tastes amazing, sweetened with Stevia (a 0 calorie non-processed sweetener made from the Stevia plant), lots of fiber, every part of your body will thank you including your mouth.

8. Chipotle

Ok this good for you bad for you food goes without saying. They support local farms, use better quality foods than most places, and you can order online and beat the lines. Victory.

7. Starbucks

Be careful here cuz those warm, chocolatey, frappachinoy, whip creamy, drizzled in caramel drinks will get ya. However, they do list calorie info on their menus so you can be smart about overly gluttonous consumption.
Also, caffeine. Yum.

6. Sushi

This good for you bad for you is a bit of a freebie. Take it or leave it, but those little raw pieces of fish are SO DANG GOOD. You can eat plenty and know today is your day.
AND… salmon, tuna, and other options are incredible for your health! Score.


5. Peanut Butter

Ok there are lots of brand options out there for enjoying this sweet, smooth goodness, but some can be better than others. Go for organic, made from non roasted peanuts if possible. I like Marantha Organic brand from Whole Foods. Top choice, top quality, top taste!

4. Smoothies

Here’s the thing y’all, smoothies get the big W. I have to force myself to eat vegetables, but with smoothies I just throw in different fruits like frozen berries, maybe 1 servings of PB, almond milk and handfuls- I mean HANDFULS, of spinach or kale in there—can’t even taste it. Although it does make your drink turn a weird dark color cuz of the greenage, it’s all good. Reeeal good.


3. Turkey Bacon

Now don’t start mocking me just yet. I know I’ve offended the pork gods by blaspheming the greatness of all things bacon, but hear me out. That stuff is literally terrible for you and you know it. Don’t try to justify or fight me on it, you know I’m right. So why not have your bacon wrapped cake and eat it too? Turkey bacon. Trust me. Whole foods has organic, nitrate free brands in massive slices. Like the length of my face. Breakfast for those champions who enjoy coronary health? I think so.

2. Nonfat snacks

Quick lesson: “nonfat" does not mean you can eat all you want and not suffer the consequences. It’s actually the over-eating of carbs that makes you gain weight. Some fats also contribute but not in the same way as carbs. So go for those Pringles or pretzels in the nonfat or low fat section. They’re still awesome tasting, but just be smart about it and for the love of Pete don’t eat the whole bag at once. Pretty please?

1. Ice Cream

This is it. This is what you’ve all been waiting for. Are you excited? Heck, I am. Nothing compares in my book. Nothing. Nada. So many flavors, so little time. This good for you bad for you food, for me, is the easiest to overdo. But because of serving sizes there are great options to go for without hurting your health or having to buy a bigger jean size after you eat the whole carton or three. In all honesty, I have issues putting ice cream ahead of God sometimes. Ok lots of times. IT’S JUST SO GOOD. And ya know, there’s grace for that. I would not recommend having a bowl during Jesus time, however I do condone thanking the Good Lord for every scoop of that icy deliciousness you eat right after you say Amen.