5 Favorite Coffee Shops on Planet Earth in Nashville

1. Crema

I give the number one to Crema, because: 
-They roast their own beans,
-They really love coffee
-And they really seem to like their customers.
If you have no knowledge of the bean or the complexities lying within, be not afraid.
The staff would love to answer your questions and even suggest a drink or two.
The espresso is always outstanding. The drip coffee is the best drip coffee I've ever had. 
The locale can't be beat, and they're known for their take on "The Cuban."

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2. Ugly Mugs

So this place is the ultimate neighborhood shop. Jared is the guy who owns the place, and most days he's there behind the counter, smile wide, ready to chat you up or leave you alone if need be.  Haha. (Sometimes I'm not ready to converse until AFTER I've had my coffee.)
Plus, this place is walking distance from my house, so our week just doesn't feel right unless we've thrown the kids in the stroller and made the pilgrimage to our local spot.
My go to's here are the double 8oz latte and the granola. (Lots of fresh fruit takes it over the top)

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3. Barista Parlor

So Barista is easily the "coolest" place to get coffee in Nashville, but is also why I've rated it number three. They have an amazing ambiance, incredible selection of coffee, and a collection of antique motorcycles parked about the shop. What's not to love?

Well, though I absolutely love the decor, the product, and have had only incredibly amiable assistance from the staff here; I've heard a few horror stories from less knowledgeable coffee patrons who lamented they were made to feel quite dumb when ordering the wrong thing or the wrong way. I suppose it’s part of the deal when you're working hard to be the elite caffeine purveyor in town, but admittedly, the setting can be a bit intimidating if you're used to Starbucks.
It's also quite pricey, which could definitely be a deterrent for the average Joe. (pun intended)

Try any of their coffees through any of their methods and don't be afraid to drink it black. 
You may get a bad look if you ask to change the recipe in any way.
For the sweeter palates, go for the bourbon barrel vanilla latte. Dreamy.

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4. Fido

This place has some deep nostalgia for me as my wife was working there when we were still dating. Their super cool yet laid back vibe attracts the widest array of clients I've ever seen.
In the same corner, you could see a white collar business meeting going down, a record deal being signed, and a group of nursing mothers discussing breast feeding.You never know what you're gonna get!

The coffee here is solid, but the food is absolutely outstanding! As a restaurant, you won't find many better than Fido. The manager, John, is always concocting something wild for the daily specials, so I'd recommend anything on the special board, though my go to, when I'm in a mood less adventurous, is the steak scramble. The homemade salsa is unreal.
For coffee, if you like something sweeter, go for the local latte. It was my first favorite drink in all of Nashville. And let me tell you, as a true taste for fall, Pumpkin Spice got nothing on the local latte!!!

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5. Frothy Monkey

Though I've never been blown away by the actual coffee itself, the staff is always friendly, the vibe inside is always stellar, and the food is actually quite incredible. When they opened the second location in downtown Franklin, you would have thought they were checking vocation cards for music professionals. 

I'm serious. I'd say half the music industry is in there on any given day. So if you're looking to hand out your demo somewhere, this is the place.
And if you're looking to eat, I'd recommend the California Omelet.

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