How Do You Restore the Shalom of the World

This sermon by Tim Keller looks at the biblical concept of justice. Keller unpacks the idea that grace is what leads to justice and justice restores wholeness to the world. He also brings guilt, fear, and pride to light as counterfeit motivators and shows how beholding beauty is the only way our hearts can be changed to truly love justice as we join God in bringing shalom to the world.

When you have 41 minutes to spare, grab a hot beverage of your choice and feast on the nuggets of goodness in this sermon.

Listen to Tim Keller message "Justice" here

The biblical concept of justice emphasizes restoring the wholeness of the world. However, we contribute to the breakdown of the society when we put ourselves first. In Isaiah, we are shown some of the ways that God identifies with the poor, calls us to change our self-centered hearts, and works towards restoring the shalom of the world.