VIDEO: Deck The Halls

Exciting news, everyone! Our music video for “Deck the Halls” is now available on YouTube!

The song and video are both available for purchase on iTunes.

We had an amazing time filming this video. We shot the whole thing in one pass, so as you can imagine, it was quite a rambunctious production experience. A very special thanks to our friends and coworkers who made this thing possible. And an even bigger thanks to our fans to whom this video goes out to! We are humbled by your excitement behind what we do, and we want to continually give back to you. So here it is, a very special Christmas video for you all to enjoy!

Spread the word. Let’s go viral. Let’s aim to get this on the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade!

(I know it’s obnoxious to promote pre-Thanksgiving Christmas festivities. Our apologies.)

Get behind me, Santa