My abnormal readings.

So I don’t call myself… wait let me rephrase that. So I can’t call myself an avid reader. I have probably read a total of 3.5 books since I graduated college, which I shamefully tell you was 5 years ago. So you are probably wondering, what on earth did I choose to read? Now I must warn you, by telling you this you might think less of me, but I am not ashamed. #1. “Redeeming Love” by Francine Rivers. #2. “Arctic Harpooner” by Robert Ferguson. #3. “Harpooner” by Robert Ferguson. #.5) “Baby Wise” by I dunno. Currently I am trying to finish “Black” by Ted Dekker, but I have a feeling it needs to be put on pause. Why, you ask? Well I have two reasons - one, “Hypnobirthing” and two, “Outdoor Survival Skills”. You see, my wife is currently pregnant with our first and this book “Hypnobirthing” is a must read for natural childbirth. Now the second book has caught me off guard. It recently was my birthday and we had the opportunity to celebrate by a tradition that we call gift giving. This book “Outdoor Survival Skills” was given to me by Scott our bass player. I didn’t know what to do with myself. Within the first ten minutes I learned how to build shelter in the snow, how to build a bed that stays warm by fire rocks, how to trap birds for food, and how to start a fire with my own bare hands. Now that’s a book. I mean come on - survival. It is a necessity. And Now I Can Survive On The Land. Drop me off in the wilderness with me and my book - I guarantee survival at it’s finest.