Listen Up West Palm!!!

Alright friends,
We hate to say this, but we think we have to.
You’re in trouble mister.
You hear me?
Big big trouble, and something must be done.
Now, this really only applies to those of you in West Palm,
so the rest of you reading this…Stop reading,
Carry on as usual.

But West Palm,
we’re gonna need to have a little chat.
It has come to our attention,
that you’ve been a bad boy.
A very bad boy….or, er…girl.

You see,
we recommended to all of you via myspace and our website,
that it was now in your hands to call up your local radio station,
and request “Love is Here,” for your listening enjoyment.
However, it has come to our attention, that there is a particular radio station
in West Palm Beach that apparently had to shut down
their switchboard today due to the excess of call-in requests for the song.

in all actuality, this isn’t your fault at all.
It’s ours. Yes. Ours.
We told you to do it didn’t we?
Thing is, we just didn’t really expect so many of you to do it.
So…we’re sorry.
We’re really really sorry.
And though we are extremely grateful and humbled by your support,
unfortunately, we’re gonna have to ask you to stop.

Way-FM West Palm has asked us,
to ask you,
to “cease fire,” to speak.

Now, the good news is, the station does in fact
have the single, and is considering it for air play.
The bad news is, you need to stop asking for it,
We know it’s a bit confusing, but you’re just gonna have
to trust us on this one.

So what you can still do,
if you still want to do something,
is to pray.
That’s right, pray.
A bit strange I know, but remember that Proverbs 16 says,
“The lost is cast into the lap, but every decision is from the Lord.”
Every decision.
Even radio decisions.

Now isn’t that good to know?
I hope it is. It is for us..
And after all, at the end of the day,
God doesn’t need our songs, our stations, or our requests.
“God is not served by men’s hands, as if He needed anything,
but gives to us life, breath, and all things.”
Praise God.